Do I need a referral?

Yes, all of our services are referral-based. In most cases we require a referral from a physician or nurse practitioner. Please contact our clinic for more information, or if you require help to get a referral.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes. For most services we strongly recommend booking an appointment so we can assure that you will have the most convenient and efficient experience with our clinic. We do our best to accommodate walk-ins, and can often accommodate same-day appointment bookings.

Will my insurance cover my care?

All insurance plans are different. Our experience is that the majority of our services and care are covered by the major insurance providers in the Yukon. We will happily offer our assistance in coordinating your care with your insurance plans. Please contact our clinic to speak to our staff about your insurance and how we can help.

Can I take oxygen on an airplane?

The short answer is 'yes,' with the appropriate equipment, physician's approval, and appropriate notice to the airline(s) you are travelling with. Each airline has different requirements. See our Home Oxygen page for more information. Please contact our clinic with as much notice as possible to assist in planning your trip.

Can you have oxygen if you smoke?

Yes. Extra safety precautions are necessary if you use oxygen and smoke. Oxygen supports combustion, so in close proximity with a lit cigarette, pipe, etc. there is a risk of the oxygen igniting from the embers. This could result in property damage, facial, nasal, or airway burns, and even death. Please contact our clinic for more information about smoking and fire safety when using oxygen.