What is spirometry?
 Spirometry is a common breathing test (sometimes also called a pulmonary or lung function test) that is used to determine if your lungs are functioning normally. Spirometry is used to diagnoses or manage different types of lung disease.

Why is spirometry prescribed?
 Spirometry is used to diagnose lung disease such as asthma and COPD. If you have already been diagnosed with a lung condition, a spirometry test may be prescribed to determine if your current treatment (medication) is working.

How can I get a spirometry appointment?
 Speak with your physician about your concerns to determine if spirometry testing is appropriate. Your physician will be able to submit a referral and you will be contacted for booking.

What will happen in my spirometry appointment?
 Spirometry is a painless test where you will be asked to breathe through a mouthpiece while wearing a nose clip. A Respiratory Therapist will coach you to take in a big breath, which you will then blow out as fast as you can until your lungs are empty. To ensure the test is accurate, you will be asked to repeat this test several times. Depending on the referral from your physician, you may also be given medication to breathe in before you repeat the test, to determine how your lungs respond to treatment.

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Spirometry Patient Instructions