Health Care Professionals

TrueNorth Referral Forms

Please be sure to print and fax all forms to  (867) 667-7103 

Home Oxygen Referral Form
Level III Sleep Study & CPAP Referral Form

Spirometry Referral Forms

Referral forms are available in Plexia and should be submitted directly to the central referral center at the Whitehorse General Hospital Lab (Fax: 867-393-8772).

*Please note that improvements to the referral form and pathway are underway and changes are anticipated by the end of January 2022. We will notify all medical offices before these changes occur.

For further inquiries please call (867)667-7120 ext 1001 or email

PSG Referral Forms

Referrals should be sent directly to the referral centre as indicated on each referral form.

Kelowna Sleep Clinic Referral Form
UBC Hospital Sleep Disorder Program Referral Form